On Navigating the Mall


In any building there are several ways to reach any singular point.  

You could take the stairs, the elevator, or some combination of the two.  

You could ask the building superintendent the best way to reach your destination, say an architect’s office on the 8th floor.  

You might follow your whims and rely on luck to reach that office before your lunch break ends and you return to more mundane matters like copies and files and reports.

You might walk straight into the Chronicle Building, bypass the security desk, take the elevator directly across from the entrance to the 8th floor, turn left, and walk precisely 28 feet to the office of Matt Blackburn, Architect.  

Or maybe you wander the whole building

  finding unusual cubbies



dead-end hallways

the travel agent on the 5th floor.


Maybe you get lost.  

Or retrace your steps.

Or some combination of these possibilities. 

But you must go in.