She now attends another school.  Some of the other girls began to pick on her.  She was too quiet, too contained.  As she walked through the halls, head down, nose to books across her chest, others sensed this deviation and punished her for it. 

Her parents, finally cluing to the problem one day after she returns home with dried tears caking her cheeks and her aqua dress torn up the back, decide itís best to just change districts, give her a fresh start, allow her to be born again, refurbished and renewed. 


Wouldn't I have been informed?  I'm not exactly sure how these things work, but it isn't as if they just disappear her from the school. 

There would be forms to fill out, thuggish Vice Principles to talk about discipline problems, and other avenues to investigate.    

Bureaucracies would be involved.

Tracks would be left.