Possible Origin: Wednesday September 29, 1999, 1:57pm (Part Two)

We arrived at the theater with only one girl (Mary Beale) crying: something about stolen jewelry.

The Dog and Pony was fairly new and had large cushioned seats along with elaborate and expensive stage equipment. An older man, who later played Roderick, took center-stage and said how great it was to have students observe the performance, how great the show was going to be, and how everything in general was just great.  He jingled the change in both pockets and talked at the ceiling.  

As the play started, a few kids began talking among themselves in low, we-can’t-be-heard whispers. I only shushed them if they became too giggly.

A steady stream asked to go to the bathroom.

As the action progressed, they all quieted and faced forward as Roderick went insane.