Albertson's had no comment on the striking coincidence between their opening and Boise's proximity to a spiritual center.  They stopped returning my calls.

Percy Likkel was born in May of 1900 and is a distant relative through my father’s mother. Idaho got spiritualism later than the rest of the world, but Percy tried to make up for it. In 1935 she revealed to her family that she was a channel for a Etruscan warrior named El Hammel and also the reincarnated form of an fourteenth century Indian princess (whether she meant Native American or Indian is unknown).

With this revelation, she left her husband and baby daughter, then living on 13th street in Boise, and built a sod hut on Table Rock.

After making her 1939 declaration, which the Idaho Statesman ran in a one-inch column underneath an ad for wheat germ, Percy died of massive heart failure.

Her body was found in the summer of 1940 by hikers.

Evidence at the site: none.


Morris Silleman, the only still surviving descendant of Percy Likkel (Documentary Photo #11111):

Who the hell are you.  Get the fuck off my porch.

(This is when he started waving a shotgun at me.  Morris lives in Caldwell, Idaho, and I've included his comments, brief though they are, to show that the Likkels are still alive.  I got the photograph from a high school year book.)