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Origins are always difficult to elucidate.  Maybe this history started with boredom during the summer of 1999.

Or maybe the story of why we moved in the first place.

Or the story of the construction site itself, prior to my involvement, deserves the honor.  History is, after all, an accumulation, and my entrance does not seem much of a beginning.

Wherever my interest and hence this history began, I've decided to start and end with my mother's house and work backwards.  Every map has a center and that center is arbitrary.

I'd like to thank the Idaho Historical Society, the Boise Historical Society, the Boise Historical Museum, the Boise Fire and Police Departments, and my family for their diligent efforts and their stories.

October 14, 1993: Construction of the site that will become 2686 Table Rock Road begins.

1990: Idaho population 1,006,749.

1984: Harmon Killebrew of Payette inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame.

1983: An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale kills two Challis children and caused millions of dollars of damage.

1980: Idaho population 944,038. Eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington leaves north Idaho covered with a layer of volcanic ash.

1979: Senator Frank Church becomes chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

1977: Governor Cecil D. Andrus appointed Secretary of the Interior and resigns as Governor.

1976: Teton Dam collapses, killing 11 and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

1970: Idaho population 713,015.

1961: Ernest Hemingway dies in Ketchum.

1960: Idaho population 667,191.

1950: Idaho population 588,637.

1953: Television comes to Idaho with KIDO-TV in Boise.

1942: Japanese-Americans placed in internment camp near Eden.

1940: Idaho population 524,873.

1939: Joe Albertson opens his first supermarket in Boise.  Percy Likkel declares Table Rock one of the four spiritual centers in America.

1930: Idaho population 445,032.

1920: Philo Farnsworth, 15-year-old student and inventor from Rigby, develops concepts which lead to invention of television and earn him the name "Father of Television."

1920: Idaho population 431,866. State Capitol Building completed.

1914: Moses Alexander elected first Jewish governor in United States.

1910: Idaho population 325,594. Forest fires consume one-sixth of north Idaho's forests.

1907: William E. Borah elected to Senate where he serves 33 years. Weiser baseball player Walter "Big Train" Johnson signs with the Washington Senators. Idaho Historical Society founded.

1905: Former Governor Frank Steunenberg assassinated.

1900: Idaho population 161,722.

1890: Idaho population 88,548.

1889: Constitutional Convention convenes on July 4, with constitution ratified by the people on November 5.

1881: Historical Society of Idaho Pioneers forms to collect and preserve a reliable history of the early settlement of the territory.

1880: Idaho population 32,610. Boise and Lewiston independent school districts created.

1879-77: Various Indian Wars (Nez Perce, Bannock, Sheepeater).

1874: Railroad service reaches Idaho at Franklin.

1870: Idaho population 17,804.

1864: Territorial Legislature approves moving capital to Boise.

1863: Idaho becomes a territory on March 4 with Lewiston as its capital. The Massacre of Bear River, one of the West's largest Indian battles, is fought near present-day Preston.

July 15, 1996, 7:15 PM:

Your Friend

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