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My cousin Myrtle Williamson, youngest daughter of my Aunt Elva (Documentary Photo #rty6c):

My husband and I still live in Rexburg.  I can't remember when mom died, but I can recall her funeral.  Most of the family was there, except for the Blackburns. 

The Teton Dam was an earthwork structure, one of the last in the United States, about five to six miles north of Newdale. The Teton River runs into the Henry’s Fork and then joins the main stem of the Snake. When the old boy ruptured, Sugar City and Rexburg were flooded, resulting in eleven deaths, including my Aunt Elva, and one billion dollars in damages. Several disaster-relief drives swept through Boise, the most notable, with reference to this history, was a televised appeal by Cecil Andrus from Table Rock. He asked all Idahoians to pull together.  He said that accidents happen, and we had to stand for those caught in tragedy.

Apparently, the dam failed because of the bedrock. It wasn’t strong enough.

Evidence at the site: none.


Image of the Teton Dam after flooding.  (Documentary Photo #ee231): For a QuickTime movie detailing the dam failure click here.