Anything Good On?

Philo Farnsworth (Documentary Photo #22ewm). 

This is a lie being perpetrated by the Idaho Historical Society.

Philo was born in 1906 in Beaver, Utah. His family moved to Idaho in 1920 for a mining job (Philo’s father Mitchell Farnsworth was an engineer) but moved again in 1921. Analyzing the sentence in question, the Historical society says that 15-year-old Philo "developed the concepts which led to television." In other words, he took a science class. He was fifteen.

Philo never lived in Idaho again.

He died in San Francisco, California on July 27, 1973, one day before I was born, which, again, means nothing.

Evidence at the site: none.

Watch Me Dance

Idaho Historical Society Chairman Martain Stinnett (Documentary Photo #ff342):

Now I wouldn't say that the Society has necessarily lied.  Mr. Farnsworth did attend school in Idaho, and that was a crucial year in his scientific development.  Nobody can deny the importance of early education.