Double, double

Baseball Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew (Documentary Photo #6616s):

I remember that Blackburn kid.  Darin introduced me to him and his parents.  As far as I can recall, the mother was quiet, but dad was a joke-cracker.   Unnerved me the way the kid looked off over your shoulder when you tried to talk to him. Maybe he didn't like baseball players.

Of course the initiation didn’t happen in Idaho but in Cooperstown, New York, at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  However, a good portion of the Killebrew clan, who still live in Boise, threw a party on Table Rock. During the festivities, three small fires were started, and four people, including Harmon’s grandson, were arrested.  The police never filed any charges.

I saw Harmon at an event he hosted for his daughter and son-in-law's graduation from college.  He barked when he laughed and laughed all the time.  I didn't think he was much more than loud because I didn't know he played baseball.

Evidence at the site: (in possible connection with this grand bash) seventy-five empty bottles of Bud Lite, an unopened box of Trojan condoms, one set of panties (Fruit of the Loom), and a training bra.

Look behind you.

My Mother Deborah Blackburn (Documentary Photo #56y3y):

My son attended college with one of Harmon Killebrew's son-in-laws, a nice boy named Darin.  At graduation, Harmon threw a party for Darin and all of his friends and their parents.  I didn't actually meet the man.