My Father Bob Blackburn (Documentary Photo #d3458):

I used to read all of Hemingway's books.  I spent two years devouring everything I could get a hold of.  And he's from Idaho.  I think I liked him better once he killed himself. 

Love Most people know that Idaho makes a kind of fraudulent claim that Hemingway was an Idaho writer. The guy was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1899, and only lived the last few years of his life in Ketchum, Idaho.

Or, more precisely, owned a home in Ketchum. Photographs depict him fishing and shooting in the woods around Sun Valley, but it isn’t as if he produced even a minority of his work in the area.

According to a letter Hemingway wrote to Ezra Pound, he originally wanted to live in Boise on a little hilltop behind Table Rock. The city fathers, unimpressed with this literary personage, refused to extend the road to his desired location.

History depends on a few hundred feet of gravel sometimes.

Evidence at the site: none.