mistakes were made

Idaho Historical Society Chairman Martain Stinnett (Documentary Photo #ff342):

We think former Governor Alexander's heritage is not in question.

Moses Alexander served a grand total of one term as governor, and was defeated in the next election due to allegations of improprieties concerning the state’s road construction funds and a construction firm owned by his uncle, Rocky Youmans.

At the time of his election, Moses Alexander wasn’t Jewish. That is, he didn’t claim to be Jewish. In fact, at the time of his death in 1926, he had a Christian burial. Afterwards, Uncle Rocky began circulating the story that Moses' mother was a Jewish immigrant from Czechoslovakia. Various organizations, including the Idaho Historical Society, picked up this information in the early sixties, and proclaimed Moses a Jew.

Evidence at the site: none.

beards were made

Chairman of the American Jewish Congress Felix Wlodarchak (Documentary Photo # 119dk):

After conducting a thorough investigation into Governor Alexander's background, we feel confident in proclaiming him America's first openly Jewish governor.