Idaho Historical Society Chairman Martain Stinnett (Documentary Photo #ff342):

We have absolutely no record of such an act taking place.

One of the requirements for statehood is a population of eighty thousand. In 1888, when the petition for statehood was sent to the federal government, Idaho only had a population of sixty-three thousand four hundred. The territorial governor, the soon to be killed Governor Steunenberg, didn’t want to wait five to fifteen years for the necessary increase, so invented some towns, Bone and Spots for example, and packed each with nonexistent inhabitants. Now Idaho had the right amount of people. Ever since then, based in part on this incorrect census information and a disinclination to report a radical population decrease, the official population of Idaho has been off by twenty to twenty-five thousand people.

One of the imaginary towns, located by longitude and latitude, is on top of Table Rock.

The name of the town is Vision.

Evidence at the site: none.

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My Mother Deborah Blackburn (Documentary Photo #56y3y):

I like to think of imaginary towns out there with imaginary people.   All you have to do is pretend their lives and make them happy.