A vison

My Grandfather, Kay Hansen (Documentary Photo #5555i):

Who could forget the day TV comes to town.  It was only a year or two after that Boise station that Pocatello got one as well.  I'd been working at the bank for a few years, and was one of the first to get a set.  Wondered what the hell we'd done with our time before we got one.

KIDO ended it’s first broadcast day with the view of Boise from Table Rock. It is a spectacular image in black and white. The town is starkly outlined by desert.

The shot was taken where the cross is now, a little rocky promontory, and the capitol building, the tallest building then in Idaho, dominates the scene (unfortunately, KIDO has copyrighted the footage and wouldn’t let me use it). The transmitter was placed across from the site and necessitated a road be pushed at least that far. The first homes to be built on Table Rock resulted.

Evidence at the site: none.


My Father Bob Blackburn (Documentary Photo #d3458):

My family didn't get a TV.  It instantly made a difference between those that had one and those that didn't.  It was like you suddenly didn't know anything.