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My Graphic Design website is finally up. I'd like to think of it as the coolest portfolio this side of the Mississippi, take a look and make up your own mind.
Urban Legends: an electronic art exhibit has been up for over a year now, and it's been receiving more traffic than ever. Expect artful gore and tasteful prose.
Don't miss my beloved short films- Booth Babes, Bad Neighbor and L'Ecrivain. Booth Babes was filmed spring of 2001 in LA at the E3 videogame convention, it marks my documentary film debut.
AnatomyCheck out the NEW IMAGES on my Singles page, they're some of my favorite "one shot" black and white and color images from over the years (1985-2001). But don't miss my other photo series. Outsider was shot in Idaho on the Nez Perce and Couer d'Alene reservations. Anatomy and Architecture explores the connection between people and their homes.
digital printsMy fumblings in printmaking are now on the web. My experimentation with more conventional (and some not so conventional) printing techniques is documented in Physical Prints. I've got etchings and woodcuts, to photocopier prints and tinfoil transfers. For the more binary oriented I've got Digital Prints. Cityscapes to natural disasters. It's just been updated with  my NEW digital print, Night Wave.
WritingSure I'm artist but I'd like to fancy myself as a bit of a writer too. I write for the online videogame magazine Gamesfirst! (I'm also a co-owner and design editor). But I also dabble in more academic scribblings. My newest essay, Raised By Wolves as a Non-Fictional Multi-Media Narrative, is on artist/photographer Jim Goldberg, one of my favorite contemporary artists. My Gore essay argues that gore is a legit film genre. I gush about my all time favorite film makers Coen Brothers, in this truly dated paper. Man I think I have a thing for brothers, The Starn Twins are some of the coolest art photographers out there. My bitterness gets the best of me in, One Million Served: Why Making Money From Web Content is Harder than Selling Hamburgers. The world of dot-coms has only gotten more depressing since I wrote One Million in the fall of 2000. Documentary Heritage is a study and comparison of Mary Ellen Mark and Margaret Bourke-White.
PK's PlaceThis is the category that all of the art that evades categorization falls into. PK's Place is a highly stylized  image and text narrative, that will knock your socks off. My first real art book, One Night is literally award winning (I've got a ribbon to prove it). A story within a story, One Night is about remembrance and youth. The story of capitalism, ennui, and adolescence in the 50's is captured in Want, well at least that's what we were trying to do. Native America is a collection of critical images, that analyze modern novels by Native American authors. To learn more about my early experiments with Polaroid Transfers (pre PK's Place), check out Transfers- there are also some NEW images seen here for the first time. I swear they're pretty cool.
My new book Zimbabwe offers a contemporary interpretation of Lanston Huges's poem Harlem.

(C) 2001 Sarah Wichlacz