One Night took second place at the University of Idaho's 1998 juried exhibition. It's a cool book that I made from digital prints, Polaroid transfers, and a single Polaroid. They are mounted on matte board and bound together with a bolt in the upper right hand corner. I explored the idea of Hermeneutics and the Hermeneutic circle most directly illustrated with the circular layout of the book itself.

Please forgive the poor quality of the photographs they will be updated with better photos as soon as possible.


One Night


long time ago when I
was young and silly


Still livin in my parents house


I'd sneek out my winda
afta dark        


I has a boyfriend I'd meet up with


we'd hold hands and


gase inta the stars


we'd look at the sky somore


he gave me a rose one night


didn't matter that he snitched
it from his mamas garden


smelt like red and pink and green


seems just a few days gone past



(C) 1998 Sarah Wichlacz