This page has all the odds and ends of my graphic work.
Zimbabwe was first conceived as a book but it is just as successful as a webpage
I'm the graphic designer for Fugue, the University of Idaho's literary magazine,
Take Warning is a calling card for my Urban Legends website and gallery show,
The clocks are simply examples of my illustrative range.


zimbabwe_02.jpg (83618 bytes)

Please check out the Zimbabwe webpage to fully appreciate the piece


fuguecovor_sum01.jpg (53138 bytes)

Fugue, Summer 2001
I designed this whole issue, from cover/logo design to the entire interior layout


fuguecovor_sum99.jpg (42013 bytes)

Fugue, Summer 1999
I designed the cover for this issue of Fugue, the photograph is also mine
I had to colorize the image, you can check out the original in my Outsider photo series


webcallingcard.jpg (108703 bytes)

Take Warning
I sent, scattered, and distributed these calling cards to hype my Urban Legends gallery show, now they advertise my Urban Legends website- which you should check out

water.jpg (76165 bytes)

Watercolor Clock


darkclock copy.jpg (117736 bytes)

Computer Generated Clock


clock_innards copy.jpg (165909 bytes)

Hand Drawn Clock


alarm copy.jpg (335143 bytes)

Oil Pastel Digital Clock


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