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These are some of the webpages that I've designed or worked on-

GamesFirst!- GamesFirst! is a popular videogame review website. I've been writing and photographing for GamesFirst! for three years now, this fall I became a co-owner of the site and took over as Design Editor.

UI Library and Web Research Tutorial- This tutorial is primarily designed for undergraduates at the University of Idaho, it teaches them the basics of library and web research. I updated this site for the University in the Spring of 2001, and I am currently working on another update.

Narratech: Storytelling in the Digital Age- I designed and maintain this site, it is a great resource for anyone interested in the current state of narrative.

Weiner Dog Productions: A Collective of Likeminded Artists- This site is hosted by Weiner Dog Productions, Wdog is a virtual playground for digitally minded artists. I'm a founding member of Weiner Dog Productions, I'm also responsible for the look of the page (keep looking because big changes are coming soon!)

The International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture- I designed this site for the academics that specialize in religion and literature. It is currently maintained by Kerry McKeever.

The Monsters We Make, CORE 101-
I created this site for the University of Idaho's CORE 101 course. The course's professors have made the site an integral part of the class.

In 1998 I redesigned the University of Idaho Student Union webpage, it was a huge site and a huge job; one of my first. My version of the page is now defunct, but you can check out my logo for in on my logo page.

And of course there is this page, my art page, Body of Work, and my Urban Legends page.


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