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Moscow Skatepark
c/o Parks & Rec
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Skatepark Donations
Balance as of 9-30-99

Balance as of 7-31-99 $76,128.25
Individual and group donations $25,947.05
Moscow School District    10,000.00
Expenses     1,576.09
Subtotal $34,370.96
City match 25,000.00
Additional City Pledge    20,000.00
ASUI Pledge     2,000.00
Proceeds from Police Dept. auctions      3721.93
Total raised toward project $85,092.89

Welcome to the Moscow Skatepark web page. With aid from the city's Parks and Recreation office, the Moscow Skatepark Project has reached the final leg of completion. The City of Moscow has donated land and a substantial amount of money to the project, and community members have overwhelmingly supported the venture. Construction is scheduled to begin sometime in the spring of 2000.

The Skaters' Association of Moscow is a group of kids and adults working toward the completion of this project. Anybody who might be interested in participating in various aspects of fundraising, planning and construction is encouraged to get involved by emailing or phoning one of the people on the Contacts page.



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