Germany 2001

The two cities, East & West, coming together at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
ber_kaiser_wilhelm_chirch.jpg (29603 bytes)
Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche in Berlin
ber_checkpoint_charlie.jpg (29267 bytes)
The former Checkpoint Charlie

Paint & color everywhere in the former East Berlin
ber_checkpointc_flier.jpg (40263 bytes)
The way it once was
ber_eastside_gallery_wall.jpg (19335 bytes)
Part of the East Side Gallery
ber_fence_around_wall.jpg (13780 bytes)
They have to put a fence around the wall to preserve it
ber_pc_eastsidegal.jpg (19472 bytes)
East Side Gallery postcard
ber_guardtower.jpg (27719 bytes)
One of the last guard towers
ber_picasso_museum.jpg (30984 bytes)
The Picasso Exhibit at the Sammlung Berggruen
ber_hamburger_bahnhoff.jpg (44451 bytes)
Hamburger Bahnhof, the contemporary museum
ber_judisches_museum.jpg (15115 bytes)
Exterior of the Judisches Museum Chronicalling the Holocaust

ber_oberbaumbruke.jpg (28026 bytes)
The Oberbaumbruke over the river Spree. It spent many years cut in half
ber_old_trainstation.jpg (33814 bytes)
Old train station on Kufurstendamm Strasse
ber_anhalter_bahnhoff.jpg (38870 bytes)
The bombed out Anhalter Bahnhof
ber_pc_bbtor_old.jpg (47095 bytes)
Brandenburger Tor before the wall came down
ber_pc_bbtor_new.jpg (20757 bytes)
Brandenburger Tor now
ber_frankfurt.jpg (11381 bytes)
Downtown Frankfurt
ber_som_gazebo.jpg (36772 bytes)
Gazebo look familiar?
ber_austria.jpg (31793 bytes)
Austria was beautiful
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